Thursday, August 7, 2008

English Camp, 2005


Making oatmeal cookies!

With my students at a farm, picking fruit!

The fruits of our labor!

Teaching in China, 2004

Group Photo before heading back to the big city.

Our own games! What fun!

The school that I worked at took a group of city kids (Beijing) to a village school in Yan Qing. They got to meet some new kids and learn about them and their lifestyle.

the Great Wall in Badaling, China , 2005 pt 3

Family pic. Someone kindly offered to take this picture of me and my sisters.

Tired as I have never been! Taking a break.

On top of one of the many towers used as lookouts.

Resting at one of the rest spots in the middle of our climb.

The Great Wall in Badaling, China , 2005 pt 2

Other parts of the wall up-close. These parts were not used by tourists. I had to zoom in to see them.

Just following the crowd.

Taking a photo perfect break.

The Great Wall of China, 2005 pt 1

Going up! This shot was taken after about 20 minutes up the wall.

Looking at the wall.

At the beginning of our trek up part of the great wall in Badaling, China

The Forbidden City pt 2

A huge copper and iron Vast

On the balcony of one of the palaces. The turtle has a dragon head, eek!

The inside of another palace meant to greet special guests.

One of the Imperial Palaces, different palaces were used to welcome different guest and family members.

Outside of one of the palaces. This couldron was filled with oil and lit for light.

This is the inside of one of the palaces where the emperor met a particular guest (generals, advisors, other kings or chiefs etc,.)

Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, China, 2005 pt 1

At the entrance of The Forbidden City

On the balcony of one of the many halls of the Imperial Palace (inside the forbidden city)

One of the many halls of the Imperial Palace.

At Tiananmen Square across from the Forbidden City